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Big and Small

Posted by danudin on February 6, 2010

Down by the shore again and was lucky enough to catch this Big and Small fishing pair out catching a few rays of Vitamin D, between hauling in the catch. Way off you can see a boat that may call itself a fishing boat but these two are the real deal.


19 Responses to “Big and Small”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Love the crisp and clear foreground – the details are great! Also love your comparison of the REAL fishermen versus the fishing boat in the background…what luck to get all in the same image!

    • danudin said

      Luck? Luck? It were’nt Luck I waited five minutes and changed position twice to get it like that, I consider that cropping not luck.

      • Tammy McChesney said

        LOL, at least you didn’t have to wait for hours upon hours….thank goodness for cropping!

  2. Rachel said

    How wonderful! Great shot of the birds and the water looks gorgeous. I’m so jealous of that blue sky. I miss the sun…

  3. Jinxy said

    Nice shot Ron!!

  4. It’s Father and Son fishing day! Very nice Ron. I like the way you captured the rocks in the foreground. And good job cropping with your feet to get this shot.

  5. It was take the child to work day….don’t just give the child a fish; teach him how to fish. Good advice…

  6. Love the two big and small, but who is the little onlooker over in the left hand bottom of the shot?

    Is that one of the “bird bugs” placed there by the Systerhood?

  7. Sue said

    Great capture…love these birds! The whole image is wonderful..the rock texture and the grass etc.

  8. Iona said

    Ron! Lovely colors and composition. Like the rocks and greenery balancing the rest of the photo. Makes me want to pull up a chair and watch nature for a while, letting the world go away. πŸ˜€

  9. Clara Williams said

    What a great images to match the theme. I love the two totally different birds fishing together. It is a fabulous image.

  10. Jessica S. said

    Nicely seen. Love how your two subjects play against the repeating horizontal lines of rocks, sea, and sky.

  11. victry1 said

    Nice shot!! Looks like they were waiting for you!1

  12. Ellen said

    This really is so well composed and seen and shot

  13. dorispac said

    What a cute pair. Really shows small and big!! Love the texture of the rocks, especially.

  14. ~Val said

    I really like this photo! It is perfect for the theme.

  15. SteveM said

    Cool shot.

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