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Childrens Toys

Posted by danudin on February 4, 2010

The hardest of themes an elderly Male photographer can be asked to post as there is no way of getting a decent shot involving kids in a playground without getting labelled as a freak of some sort so I shall take this opportunity to express my extremely right wing, reactionary, beliefs on the subject of Pedeophiles.Ā  THEY should ALL be shot (out of hand and their bodies hurled into a crocodile hole or white pointer feeding site). That would be a good use of the scumbaggery resource they represent, and worms would be loathe to devour them, oh yes throw in any of those weirdo’s who hurt helpless elderly people too, we don’t need them in our Gene Pool either. Give me a little while to think on it and I will include a few other groups too. Yes I am not a pleasent person and I don’t care!


13 Responses to “Childrens Toys”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Amen! Great colors and processing on this playground…except I think it is feeling rather lonely – where are all the kids on this beautiful afternoon?

  2. Jinxy said

    Well done and said Ron. I think in looking at some of the playground images that all the kids now a days are on the computer or playing video games.

    • danudin said

      Yes jens and Tammy, that is THE POINT! it ain’t a playground there ain’t NO-ONE playing, and if there was I couldn’t show it! I will continue to hate anyone who has robbed me the right to inter-react with the wisest people on earth -KIDS!

  3. ~Val said

    Bright, clear beautiful shot. Maybe you could Photoshop in a few tykes? šŸ˜‰

  4. I was going to give a thumbs-up on your rant, but I don’t know what a white pointer feeding site is??? I don’t think we have that around here. Can it be a white shark?

    I haven’t had any problems photographing children on the playground, but I am female….:)

    • danudin said

      White Pointer is what we call a great White Sjark and Australia is only second to South Atrica on numbers, although they range the world over, and a feeding site is something like a seal colony, you know where idiot skin divers dress up in wet suits to go swimming so that they look like a big seal, then complain when they get nibbled on by White Pointers.

  5. I must say you’ve achieved some great balance between the playground elements on the left and on the right, and your exposure in that bright sunlight is terrific – you’re really getting some good saturation on the colors. I like how you’ve positioned the shot to have the opening in the trees leading your eyes too, making you wonder what’s off in the distance. Rant away on your other points – I’ll help pull the trigger and toss them into the abyss.

  6. Great splashes of color in this photo.

  7. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    He looks totally happy to let life pass him by. Great shot! Have a great day!


  8. I am with you Ron about the Pedafiles. And I know even as a female I have gotten some of the dirtiest looks taking pictures of kids. I went to a kite festival in DC, what better attraction for every kid to go to. I was waiting for security to try and stop me. I tried being sneaky and waiting till parents turned their backs, but sometimes its still difficult. Kids have the coolest looks and expressions and all so naive and natural. What is this world coming to? Those are some cool looking tools in the playground.

  9. Iona said

    Great rant, Ron. DH and I often blow our tops when one of the pedophiles de jure pop up on the latest TV segment. Although I have a better punishment in mind for them, which I won’t go into on public Internet! šŸ˜€
    You did a grand job of getting a playground without the play. Nice bright colors and shapes and tons of toys. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.

  10. Iona said

    Ron! I know nothing about Latin, so went to a Latin to English translator. Here is the result:
    “Be unwilling Illegitimi Carborundum”. Then, smarty me, I took “Illegitimi Carborundum” to google and Wikipedia gave me a new look at what you said! The phrase made sense then!! lol You are right!!! šŸ˜€

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