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Repost of Bums on Bikes

Posted by danudin on January 27, 2010

When I last posted this it had a fairly positive reaction throughout the Photowalk, however there were a few comments on improving it, so I tried to  comply, I cropped it, I took away some of the rubbish out front and much to Sally’s bemusement the Postal Box on the right hand side, about which she said it’s there, why not show it! I also posted it on Elements Village as Self Explanatory, without any words to describe it (Can You Imagine)


3 Responses to “Repost of Bums on Bikes”

  1. Love the cleaned up version as well, it appears as someone just swept up. Nice. I would have to be a fan of Bums on Bikes. I might even have to say after a good laugh when reading your posts, I as well have been at a loss for words to describe it. Its addicting though I just keep coming back for more, LOL.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    You not using words?? I would think you were sick! LOL

    I love the changes you made to this, the colors just pop for the page…also the details really are clear! Now…where’s my ET flying bike? Did you clone that out too?

  3. Ron posting without words…isn’t that one of the signs indicating the end of days??? I like the changes you’ve made – it brings the focus to the main subject.

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