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Texture Two Views

Posted by danudin on January 25, 2010

Originally the first photo was taken to fulfill the Trio Theme (Which would have made Karen S happy) The longer I looked at it however the more I saw a texture in the sea that I found almost palpable. When I took the second shot, which also smacks strongly of  Layers in it’s elements, I thought of scrapping the first for this theme. Being ME, however, I could do no such thing, (Part of my texture I guess_ so you get both to peruse. In the second shot, I particularly like the way the smooth barked Gums become so gnarled when fire effected and how that burned texture bleeds into all the foliage in the background, bit also how a drop or two of rain, brings out the texture of the rejuvenated bush! There is also for me a real texture to the light provided as a backing by the setting Sun, which was what prompted me to suffer the Mossies and Get The Shot. _ See I too Suffer for my Art! LOL


7 Responses to “Texture Two Views”

  1. Sheila said

    I like them both and I think you are correct about the first one and texture. The second I like the smooth texture on the gums trees so that would work as well but I think layers is a great tag too!

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    good call on the first image, I don’t notice the trio when I look at this at first, I see the texture of the sparkling water (wow, that water is gorgeous), which eventually draws me into the trio…

    I never realized how smooth the bark on these trees really are…love the look of the scattered knots though….wow, you really suffered for this one, I love the hint of the sun peeking through the leaves!

  3. I didn’t see the trio on the 1st one untill my 2nd look. I too saw all those little sparkles and it made me realize that each little ripple and wave is a reflective part of the whole picture. Millions of tiny little reflections that make up that texture. The bark on the tree makes you want to touch and see how smooth. Now mention of the mossies….. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like even more texture. Maybe we need a shot of tha too? much less the suffering it has caused. LOL

  4. I like them both, because together they illustrate how varied the texture can be. I especially like that the water is visual texture. While you could reach out and feel the texture of the trees, the water is so fluid that the texture would fade away, but visually it’s so strongly textured.

  5. Penny said

    I must admit I didn’t notice the trio either until the second look. I was caught up in the water. The way the sunlight is playing on the waves is beautiful.

  6. Sue said

    Love the water…yes it is beautiful texture..but I like the Trio aspect too 🙂
    The trees are great..I love trees…and barks…very nice

  7. I imagine your skeeters are hard to get away from in the woods. You got a sharp photo to have been running to outpace them. The breeze from the water should have blown them away when you got there. You brave the wilds anyway for your art and we get the benefit of viewing your unique viewpoint.

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