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Mini Assignment : Viewpoint

Posted by danudin on January 25, 2010

Half tempted to can this another arc and almost adhering to the rule of thirds. I settled of course on the vantage point being the only viewpoint that he gull was considering so i opted for his viewpoint.

Big Day Tommorow!


9 Responses to “Mini Assignment : Viewpoint”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Now this is really a cool shot! I love that arc w/ that bird perched on top, he looks like he is testing the winds to see which way to go! 😉 Love the depth you created in this as well!

  2. Catharine said

    Brilliant! Tammy (and you) hit the nail on the head here.

  3. What a great viewpoint it is. Well done Ron.

  4. Well done Ron.

  5. tterlyn said

    hey don’t trash that it’s great.

  6. It looks like he is looking from where he came! Why didn’t you tell him to turn around. He could see more of the future view…. I really enjoy bird photos. Everytime I try to get one, something goes wrong….

  7. Sheila said

    Very nice Ron — I like this one a lot — you can see all of those themes wrapped into one image — Great Job.

  8. Fun shot, and that line of the post takes you right up to the bird at the top of the arch too.

  9. A really fabulous shot. I love the arc in the left third of the image. I also like the leading lines that the boats in the background make. They point straight to the arc.

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