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Posted by danudin on January 21, 2010

Warning: A Notice of possible danger, This shopping complex have cover this (and thier liability) in this catch all emergency procedure card. They must work based on Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong – Will Go Wrong”!

Well all I can say is that Murphy was an optomist, I live by Ohm’s Law which supecedes Murphy by a factor of three. Eg. A dropped Hammer will land where it will do the most damage, an item chosen at random from a commodity with a 99% reliability rating will be from the 1% group, Self Starting Oscillators won’t and the fact that it would only be after the last of 16 selflocking nuts have been securely fitted to the structure that you notice that the hemetic seal is still sitting on the bench beside you. Well you know what I Mean! be warned.


6 Responses to “Warning”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    A loving and special girl pushed off broomstick…is that what you mean?? LOL

  2. This is a very sharp and detailed picture. You did a great job, because it had to be taken inside.

  3. Ellen said

    Nicely seen and shot! I like the bit about not involving others in the hold-up. Glad you are involved in this…

  4. Seems like the event would be long past by the time you read through all of this to determine what action to take! It does fit the theme, but not nearly as enjoyable to view as the previous two shots. The artistic shots appeal to me more.

    • danudin said

      I see this as much like my comments, Karen! If I see something in a shot or a subject I feel better inside, if I give rein to it. There is Humour, Substance and Poignancy, in this sign and it was only possible to snap it that well because I have started using a F1:1.8 Lens, 4.5 would never have cut it!

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