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Mini Assignment #2 Balancing Elements

Posted by danudin on January 19, 2010

Spontaneous shooting is what I seem to do most of , like a kid in a Lolly Shop I see it, I like it, I want it – I take it! -Photography, until the mini assignment era came along now I am confused not just wandering around with a blank mind. Thisd one interested me as I had never given this aspect of composition any thought, so for a first attempt, I will accept that I may have got it wrong and this is framing all along, but these two shots were taken feet apart to try and achieve the balance. Have I done so, or am I on the road to (You know Where) as all of my intentions here were good.


7 Responses to “Mini Assignment #2 Balancing Elements”

  1. ~Val said

    Here’s my (very much still learning) take on this…

    I think the right-hand photo looks more balance. The tree and the sand in the foreground not only lend a sense of place, they balance the image. To my mind, they also provide a sort of natural frame for the subject.

  2. Ms Katy said

    Ditto everything Val said. I love the second photo as it gives a sense of size to the subject too. A warm weather photo is good to see!!

  3. Bobbie said

    Youre definitely on the right road. The second photo is just more dynamic: there’s dimension and context. (You’ve worked the Rule of Thirds into it as well!)

  4. I’m afraid I am with the rest of the crew…I like the balance of the second image better, and less negative space.

  5. danudin said

    I took the first shot just as the windsurfer got to the top of his run and was turning to come back my way. I think I could have got the tree in on the right hand side if I had any confidence in Portrait mode shooting, but I would not have got the shore in as the kite was almost perpendicular above him. So I took the ten or so steps, framed the shot in my comfort zone (Landscape mode) but while considering it for posting I deliberated a lot to decide if it was a “Balance Shot” or “Framed Shot” and are the exclusive, or can they be mixed.

  6. I think the second shot is the stronger of the two. While it is balanced better, I think it exemplifies framing more than balance. In my mind, balance is more a matter having elements of more similar size, or opposing placement whereas this shot has the tree and shore creating a frame to focus the eye on the subject. Kudos to you for heading out with the intent of trying to search for something that fits the assignment (and for considering Portrait format too).

  7. The right photo does have the horizon on one of the ‘thirds’ line with the parachute on another. The framing of the tree and shore as well as the clearer image of the person make this image a keeper.

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