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Posted by danudin on January 18, 2010

Having gotten used to posting two shots for the mini assignments, and being unable to choose from these two shots of some extremely Bold Individuals, I secided to post them both!

I don’t know what you were doing on Sunday morning, you can see the hardships I had to endure. The first shot shows a tandem jump from 11,000 ft, and the second was from 14,000 ft, the Lady in the second shot was given the jump as a Birthday plesent by her fiance who was waiting on the ground and who was pretty bold himself considering what he said she was going to do to him when she landed. Alas the battery ran out just after the second shot so I wasn’t able to capture the carnage, but when I left they were hugging and laughing a lot, He didn’t think that she would do a second jump!


13 Responses to “Bold”

  1. Lorri said

    Bold on several levels–certainly the folks undertaking the sport and the colors are incredibly bold.

  2. Bobbie said

    Yeah, I know about having a hard time choosing between two shots–I had that issue on January 1 last year, and it tended up with my posting two photos every day for the whole year! I’m glad to be sticking to one a day this year. That being said, the one on the left is the bolder of the two.

  3. You’re getting very good at keeping those horizons level Ron. Do you have a level on your tripod? I know that you have this deeply ingrained fear of portrait orientation, but I can’t help but think that if you had tried this in portrait orientation you’d get a nice sense of space with the sky above the parachute that really showed the heights it had come from. Perhaps it would tell a stronger story. I recall Sally got a tatoo last year for her birthday. Will you be giving her a parachute jump this year??? Oh – and lesson learned, always have a spare, fully charged, battery pack with you when you head out!

    • danudin said

      Yes the tripod has two levels one on the tripod body and another on the ball head, along with a compass ??? I don’t know why. What you said about the parachutists could be right as all of the shots I took with no reference in the shot were a waste, as there is nothing to judge it by, I actually got exactly the shots I was trying to get, just before touch down. The first shot was a bit off level (Both were hand held) so I straightened it by eye in the computer, I don’t normally sweat that sort of thing, and am surprised that you asked. Ref jumping out of perfectly serviceable aircraft, I have already stated that Mum didn’t raise any children with Mental Deficiency, and if I wouldn’t do it why would I force someone I love to do it No!

      • I guess the compass is to help you find your way home? I had wondered if you were composing the straight horizon in the field or later on the computer, hence the question about the level. I shoot almost 100% hand held right now, as I have only a really old, heavy and cumbersome tripod that rarely travels with me so I rely on my eyes and the computer right now, though I was considering a level that fits in my flash mount for taking shots on my tripod.

        An excellent point about the shots with no reference point being a waste as it is often such an important compositional element to have a reference point for something that just floats in the air.

  4. ~Val said

    These are both very fun (as is the accompanying tale of pre-marital trials…) but I find the left photo the bolder of the two in the color department. That said, it’s pretty amazing that you got both images at nearly the same point in their jumps. They could almost be recolored copies of one another.

    • danudin said

      Are you accusing me of anything underhanded there Val, there are other Systers that I would expect that from before you. LOL No the shots are untouched in that way. Ha.

  5. The colors and the fact the ground crew is running towards them in the image on the left does it for me.

  6. Sheila said

    I think you did a spectacular job of getting two very bold people who really must have their heads examined for jumping out of a very safe aircraft. Why on earth would you do that!!! Beyond that your trusting your life to the one who jumped with you….

    I do agree that the one on the left has much bolder colors and I like that framing that the tree on the left border gives the image. I feel it also gives you a little more depth to the shot. Well done Ron.

  7. Tammy McChesney said

    These are both great…I am impressed at the details you captured from this fast moving BOLD girl, and also the fact that you captured both jumps at about the same height! Now, the only thing better you could capture is YOU floating through the air (on your ET bike)! 🙂

  8. Greg said

    I like the them both Ron! I put skydiving in the same category as ice fishing…only if alcohol was somehow involved. My Dad was a US Army paratrooper in the 1950’s and filled me with enough stories that I could never convince myself to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Nice images, both!

  9. The colors are like candy. What a great shot, both of them.

  10. Madelaine said

    Beautiful colors and great subjects and interpretation for bold. I wonder if she did do a second jump.

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