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Posted by danudin on January 16, 2010

I took this shot to indicate that it took three giant cranes to put together a monstrosity that the large building is going to represent to the shoreline. Then in a previous shot someone stated that they liked the way this building anchored the photo, which jusy goes to prove that we all have disparate tastes, so I went looking for another Trio but have ditched that idea and stuck to my guns, I did however go bavk and subjected the shot to Jeff’s pseudo HDR effect as I really love what that produces, and under this effect it appears like a bright sunny day although it  was a tad overcast.


8 Responses to “Trio”

  1. Great image for the trio Ron. The light poles leaning to the left and the crane to the right make the building look out of wack. The sky turned out awesome.

  2. Ellen said

    I like the bright color your processing brought out. It seems like the people strolling along will be surprised indeed by that very large building.

  3. Rachel said

    I really like your processing on this shot. I also really like how you’ve got the trees creating a frame along the bottom and side. Nice composition.

  4. Those clouds are marvelous…any processing that brings out those heretofore hidden attributes is okay by me!

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    I love how the processing brings out the colors and almost an illustrative look….that sky is wonderful, and I love how the tree line provides a type of frame to the buildings and the cranes…nice one Ron!

  6. The processing does bring out nice colors, though I would not have guessed Trio if not for the title and commentary. I would like to see you explore this theme more to see if you find something that has the trio as more of a central theme so there is no question as to the intent of the photo. (and that’s just a rambling thought, not an assignment that your teacher wrote on the top of your paper that has just been handing back – LOL)

  7. I do like the bright colors in this image, Ron. It’s also nice how you framed it with the trees in the foreground.

  8. ~Val said

    The HDR is a great call for processing on this image. It’ll be interesting to see shots of the finished project sometime down the road.

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