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Mini Assignment #1 Danudin’s Choice Cropping.

Posted by danudin on January 16, 2010

Cropped One gains a different Point of View.

Uncropped the full point of view is evident.

Until I read Julie’s post this morning, outlining the criteria for this assignment, I thought I was a photoblogger, but t’would seem I have been sailing under false colours! It seems that I am a Photo Journalist, because primarily I use the photos to make a point, or tell a tale etc – Hey Man! I’m down with that! Might change my name to Cluck Can’t though in an effort to build a persona, LOL.

Left home with a desire for the fates to show me some insight, re:- the assignment. didn’t get any until I snapped this bike, purely for the incongruity of the subject and sign. Went to walk away, then got bashed over the head by an “Epiphany”, stepped back and snapped the whole scene! Now I can file my scoop Chief! (Don’t call me Chief) “Cropping can lead to misinterpretation”.

Hope you like i,t as it is a fun shot too, and I’m always up for FUN!


23 Responses to “Mini Assignment #1 Danudin’s Choice Cropping.”

  1. This is terrific, Ron. It is nice to know that the composition mini-assignment set you to pondering what you’re trying to do with your images and your blog.

    I’m fascinated by the two views and I learned from hearing your thought process – to me it’s really interesting that you shot the cropped version first. For sure the close view doesn’t tell the full story. To me it just says ‘boring motorcycle’. The wide view asks ‘what’s the story behind the person who rode that spiffy motorcycle to the bicycle shop and why are they there?’ It’s the incongruity between MOTORbike and PEDALbike that makes this photo, and you don’t get that at all until you see the wide view. What I really can’t believe is that you didn’t intend to show us that excellent painted signage on the shop??????

    You do defy classification, Ron! Not really a photojournalist, because they use images to tell stories without having to rely on words. You like to talk too much for that! I see you as a hybrid between a storyteller and a photoblogger. But, no matter, because whatever it is that you’re doing obviously enriches the community greatly. Now, I have a question for you. Do you figure that learning to make your images tell a more complete story through effective composition will enhance your blogging/storytelling? (I couldn’t tell if you thought the assignment was valuable or nonsense…)

    • danudin said

      Enhance for sure, otherwise I would not have been out snapping within hours of reading your post. I live by the motto of the SAS “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” which was why I got so het up about getting that critique badge on my blog. I thrive on it even being called an ignoramous, by a Nebraska witches. (Which I loved by the way) with regard to my intentions on the cropped version. I would have thought you knew me well enough to not believe everything you read under my banner. It just made it a more interesting story – Methinks.

  2. Ron, be sure to add your link to the Mini-Assignment post on the VPW blog by using Mr. Linky. That way everyone will know where to find it and can learn from you…

  3. Ron, I love the 2nd shot. Its hilarious and I wish people in the US would be of such a good nature about things. It seems everything you think, say and do sometimes in the US is under a microscope and not politcally correct, with people saying you didn’t say that just right and insulted someone.

    I like how it brings in a sense of humor too. You always do that well. I think your photos, need to be in a pair since you do look at the bike and say, ok nice motorcycle, then you are drawn to the other one and get a good laugh. I find cropping is often like two different view finders.

    I actually went out shooting one day and only looked through the view finder to get the shots. It makes for interesting fun and of course a few stumbles, trips and almost landing on your “bum”.

  4. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    I can see your point of view on this. I really like the whole picture, but if I was a motorcycle person I would really like the bike by it’s self much better. Great crop. Have a great day!!


  5. What a hoot! Next thing you know the WOWs (me included?) will be turning in their broomsticks for the opportunity to park in one of those spots!

    Did you crop a snap of the signage?

  6. Tammy McChesney said

    Hmmmmmmmm………my favorite “ignoramous” has learned a new trick, I believe…and I think you taught me one too! I have to admit, the bike alone was not an eye catcher….but once you added the whole scene, wow it turned it into a whole different tale! I love that scene, Ron! I have a bad habit of cropping in on everything, and I am learning that sometimes the “whole” image makes a whole different and enlightening perspective and story. Applauds to YOU! 🙂

  7. Another nice example to remind us to really look around at our whole environement so we don’t miss “the” shot. I think the photo on the right could benefit from a bit of cropping in to highlight the sign and building a bit more. I’d be inclined to crop in from the right to eliminate the mailbox and up just a bit from the bottom to eliminate a bit of that extra grey concrete. In my eyes they are distractions that are not adding to the photo.

  8. PatB said

    First of all, I love your placement of the bike at the extreme left in image 1; I don’t find it boring at all. It’s definitely all about the bike, altho the “Reserved” sign on the right links it nicely to the broader 2nd image.

    The 2nd image this time is all about the building to me, altho my eye eventually got to the bike as an important element.

    If you were to crop in a little closer it puts the bike and the sign on a vertical thirds grid-line and your eye quickly goes to these two realted elements, had that been the intent of this image.

    Well done Ron! I enjoyed both a lot as really great examples of the impact various crops can have on the viewer.

  9. Ron, it’s so nice that you are thinking about cropping, but the shot that show the whole scene is so fabulous. What I like about that scene is the lone motocycle parked in front. The colors are nice, also.

  10. Bobbie said

    Cropping definitely works for this one–the cropped image has ‘tude!

  11. ~Val said

    Chiming in late, but agreeing that the first shot is really “made” by including the second. It’s almost like the twist at the end of a good mystery story, where you finally get to see the whole picture and everything falls into place.

  12. I agree with the others that it’s the 2nd shot that tells the whole story! I like the name of the shop and the perspective from which you took the shot–the corner rather than straight on. As always, your descriptions are enjoyable to read!

  13. Ms Katy said

    Ron, you have done it again! Terrific shots and a lesson learned. I usually take the photo then crop and you have made me look at things a little differently. I love both shots, I think they are perfect. Thanks for the smile!!

  14. Madelaine said

    First, LOVE the name of the shop! lol
    I think you should get an A+ on this assignment. I don’t think it could have been done more perfectly!

  15. Ellen said

    I don’t have much to add to what has been said but don’t think th e shot of the shop needs cropping it makes that lone bike all the more part of the story

  16. tterlyn said

    Ron not to make your head spin! but, you have really done a great job on all of your pics and postings, I love the ladies on their bikes…… LOL! LOL !!!

  17. this time I prefer th uncropped version since it’s such a fun photo 🙂
    if I was a bikelover I certainly would prefer the cropped 😉

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