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Posted by danudin on January 14, 2010

No Mike this isn’t an MRI of my brain, (but close I think) this is actually a couple of photos, one of a gumtree loosing its bark, and a building with a strong geometric import, both of which I worked on for hours without achieving what I wanted, very frustrating, so as I do before ditching any shot, I tried them as Wendy’s Orbs, and alas that didn’t work either so there they were, sitting in the Project bin waiting to be thrown out, while worked on something else which had me go to the distort filter, and I saw all these other choices and thought why not, got to work withe Liquify on the periphery of both of the Orbs that I had produced, back to Image this time only rotate 90 degree, back to polar coordinates, add a touch of swirl, Glass, Wave, Diffuse Glow etc, back to rotate, back to polar coord.. etc, etc, etc as Yule Brenner once said. Still not quite right but fairly pleasing, so drag the building orb onto of the tree orb, apply overlay drop the opacity a tad and Voila instant Chaos.

This is as close to art as I can achieve and I have given Wendy full credit for my creation on Elements Village Before and After forum, I can not reproduce this as I made a conscious descision to ditch the PSD file cause nothing was measured I can’t repeat it, nor do I want to. So here is my photos of one of Nature’s construction (A Tree) and one of Mankind’s constructions (A Unit Block) melded together in a uniquely Danudin way, if that isn’t Chaos – What is?  PS I Love it -Thanks Wendy.


11 Responses to “Chaos”

  1. lijola said


  2. Terri said

    I love it, its your trademark now. Amazing the combinations we can come up with. Great job.

  3. Bobbie said

    No, THAT looks like the cover of a sci-fi novel!

  4. Tammy McChesney said

    Complete chaos from a complete nut…I love it! Who says you can’t teach someone ART?? 🙂

  5. Chaos at its best. You got this one Ron.

  6. Ellen said

    You ended up with a stiking image and got to play, what could be better?

  7. Rachel said

    This is an awesome image!

  8. Chaos at it’s best – you can really feel the activity.

  9. Iona said

    Hey Ron! You wore me out with all those back and forth steps of who knows what!! Phew! Lemma sit down a minute and rest! Chaos it is! Reminds me of some of those old Frankenstein movies with the electrical arcs flying and frying. You did good, but next time, why don’t you work a little harder at it, huh? P.S. Like your colors.

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