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Just trying to be helpful!

Posted by danudin on January 12, 2010

Another shot at 180 degrees

I did take another shot at 180 degrees from the previous shot that shows that it wasn’t THAT cold there are some actually in the water. My whole purpose though was to make you all feel a little better, and some seem to have got Down-Right Hot Under the Collar! – Mission Achieved.

This shot was yesterday Monday everyone was at work, but it was a couple of degree F cooler then, today it will be about 95F but have pity onthe inhabitants of South Australia and Western Victoria who are expecting temperatures of around 111F for the next few days.


10 Responses to “Just trying to be helpful!”

  1. Terri said

    I’ll take 90 or 111 either one. Another beautiful day at the beach.

    • danudin said

      Trouble is, the two states are now threatened with “Catastrophic Fire Alerts” and a five state total Fire Ban – and five out of seven is a huge extent of land.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    Hey, don’t worry Ron, we are in for our own heatwave….36 degrees by wed….the swimsuits will be coming out…LOL Who needs the beach!

  3. Your weather is almost as dangerous as ours on the opposite extreme. I love that big buiding that anchors the background of this image.

  4. I did not know that Tammy was a member of the Polar Bear Club. Thanks for sharing Ron. Our weather has been in the 40`s with constant fog, so your sunshine is appreciated. Now instead of fog we are overcast and it is to rain for several days. At least the ski resorts are smiling.

  5. Bobbie said

    The turquoise framing complements the blues in the photo nicely.

  6. ~Val said

    Ah…I’m warmer already!! Thanks! We climbed into the 20s (Fahrenheit) today and it felt positively balmy!

  7. Must say you have some beautiful beaches….

  8. D. S. Fisher said

    Lovely shot and nicely composed. Beautiful beach.

  9. I really like to see that you’re showing us the series of 180 degree shots. It’s a good reminder to turn around, move around, look around for the shot. As photographers we sometimes had a tendancy to go to an area with a view or shot in mind that we hope to capture. If we forget to look up, look down, look around and really open our eyes and minds we might miss a spectacular shot that wasn’t the one we intended to take.

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