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Layers (Not a Chook in Sight)

Posted by danudin on January 10, 2010

This is a shot taken yesterday, looking out over Bramble Bay, and I just love the way the clouds appear built up. Alas just after this shot the clouds started to dissapate, and we have blue skies ahead in our future. Don’t worry I will show you all, how we suffer in the heat and sunshine, I know you worry about me.

Now for something completely different (Sorry Monty):

I have just finished my Bi-Weekly (Sunday and Wednesday) amble through the past weeks blogs of all my Group (The Dynamic Dudes) so that I could follow up on what has gone on since my last comments. I comment on any shot that Piques my interest and every now and then will have a look where ever I have commented, but I notice that not all  members make comments on comments postrd on their blogs, am I doing this wrong? I would hate to think that I am putting too much on the plates of some of the members, as I realize I can get a tad chatty on occasions. Would anyone who finds my Humour off putting or distracting, let me know or if you don’t want to say so for public viewing email me, cause I do want to maintain my persona of “Mr Nice Guy” (Just ask Tammy or Karen – They will confirm the title-I’m sure). No really if it is too much let me know, But I am still going to rub it in about how hot and sunny it is in Paradise.



20 Responses to “Layers (Not a Chook in Sight)”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    There you go Mr Chatty, rubbing in your warm weather again…LOL Wow, that is a cool build up on the clouds and your frame really sets it off! It almost looks like a painting!

    We started digging out today…got up to 7 degrees – a heatwave, almost swimsuit weather! 🙂

  2. Bobbie said

    Spectacular clouds! (But aren’t “chooks” chickens? What do chickens have to do with this?

  3. lijola said

    Ha-ha! I get it! Chooks and layers! I am commenting on all photos posted in my group and a few others from other groups and would do more but just don’t have the time. Oh, nice shot!

  4. Terri said

    Well I was going to ask what “chooks” are. Everything I see says chickens too. Please fill us in on the latest. The clouds are really cool and I like the wider angle too.

    Ron you are welcome to write all you want on my blog, as that is exactly what its for. If you have a manifesto….hey go for it, LOL. I do think WordPress makes it easier to make comments and show additions to those than Blogger does. Stop by my blog any time, sit back put your feet up and sit a spell.

    I enjoy your sense of humor and wish it was warm and summy here. I have 3 inches of snow, nothing to what Tammy has seen, and its 20 degrees farenheit.

    • danudin said

      Nothing worse than spoonfeeding people with my jokes, I mean how do chooks produce Eggs, they can only do it if they are “LAYERS” the other types are friers or broilers. GEEEZZ

  5. Mary Lou said

    Ron, your blog is looking great. Your images are bright, colorful and cheery. Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  6. Hey Ron, your comments are always welcome and appreciated. Capture of the cloud layers is perfect.

  7. Sheila said

    I love this one — I love how the frame you added is transparent and you get to see a little of what the clouds would look like in black in white.

    Please feel free to leave as much as you’d like on my site – I like hearing what others have to say and you always make me smile and laugh! Every time I’m on the computer Ed asks me “What did Ron have to say today?” Enjoy life it’s too short, say what you feel, be who you are!

  8. Madelaine said

    LOVE this Ron! The shot is beautiful, the interpretation and those layers are wonderful and your processing is perfect! Awesome!

  9. dorispac said

    Hey, Ron, Your comments are always welcomed and enjoyed! Good to see the lovely weather, too. Oh yeah, the “layers” was a nice touch!

  10. regularman said

    The clouds as well as the scene are beautiful Ron.


  11. Ellen said

    Darn- I’ve been looking for chickens for ‘layers’ thinking I was oh so clever! This is a fabulous bunch of layered clouds. I like the nested way comments can be in WordPress, makes it more like a conversation. The trick is to have the time to keep up.

  12. Lorri said

    Your layers of clouds with blue sky below beats the heck out of our layers of snow. Nice catch for the theme, Ron!

  13. Vicki said

    Those clouds are spectacular Ron!

  14. Beautiful sky, Ron, and I love the way that you framed it.

  15. Beautiful set of “layers”… They look like big cotton balls all stuck together…

  16. ~Val said

    These clouds are fabulous. This would make a good sky to tuck away in a file and use in a different shot with a blown-out sky. I really like how you put the emphasis on the clouds instead of on the foreground. Good call.

  17. Hi….you are right that WordPress is easier for comments on comments. My blogster isn’t that accommodating….
    I always enjoy your comments!

  18. A commendable job at keeping that horizon straight and very nice composition with the horizon line low in the frame (good use of the rule of thirds).

    You know I don’t flinch at your comments but I’m guilty as charged for being remiss at conversing on my own blog. I’ve been out of town and trying to catch up so I haven’t been back to respond like I should. I have gone back to read responses to any posts I’ve made and I think the conversational aspect that has developed this year is quite beneficial.

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