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A care package from Down-Under

Posted by danudin on January 6, 2010

Just thought that you in Northern Climes may like a bit of Aussie colour to help you through your trevail!


17 Responses to “A care package from Down-Under”

  1. lynda1uk said

    Really warm, nice and colourful. Thank you.

  2. The warm kindness just radiates through cyperspace Ron!

  3. Terri said

    Wow I am so envious, not to much is blooming here. Love the colors.

  4. lijola said

    What great looking plants you have down under. Great, bright, cheery colors.

  5. ~Val said

    Thanks, Ron! Just shivered in from running evening errands…it’s about 8 degrees here at 9 PM. Your lovely flowers are warming me right up!

  6. Very interesting and colorful plant, what is it called Ron ??

    • danudin said

      Plants is Plants to me Jinxy, but to the best of my knowledge, it is a Grevillea, but I won’t argue if anyone knows better, was just walking past on a dull day (Clouds) and thought, what the snow bound would give to be able to see that, think I was right, except for Karen, who doesn’t seem to think I was sincere -or something. LOL

  7. Tammy McChesney said

    Wow, warm, vivid and beautiful….thanks for the sight of color (that is not WHITE)! Another winter storm just started here – another 6″ of the white stuff before tomorrow afternoon – could you overnight those flowers to me??

  8. Pat B said

    Thanks Ron, it’s good to know that there is colour somewhere out there, even if it is far, far away.

  9. Greg said

    Thanks Ron…it’ll be several weeks before we have any colors other than grey and white around here! Nice to know that flowers are in bloom somewhere!! Nice image too!

  10. oldbluedog said

    Beautiful colors (colours), Ron. Don’t rub it in though, it will be spring here someday.

  11. Sheila said

    Ron these are spectacular — I love the color at this time of the year — you know what color it is here — black and white with a little bit of yellow when the sun decides to grace us! Today though is very bright and lovely. But still a lot of white!

  12. Ellen said

    While not snowed in I love this colorful shot. Nice of you 🙂

  13. These lovely flowers look like they have “legs” on them. Very warm colors.

  14. Viktoria said

    Yes, you are right – I love to see some Aussie colour! They’re beautiful!

  15. pilgrim30 said

    Almost looks like a feather duster, doesn’t it Ron? Nice vivid colors, however. Even though we aren’t snowed in here, nor is there snow on the ground, bright colors are always welcome. Yet, I can’t help but remember the razzing we all received back and forth with the winter was in your hemisphere, and we had spring/summer here. Must be careful what we dish out because it could come back and bite us. lol Nice work.

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