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Pink (with a touch of blue klsbear LOL)

Posted by danudin on January 4, 2010

  1. Was a bit confused about what to post for this as The Glen McGrath Foundation is in operation again this year in conjunction with the Second Cricket test against Pakistan (They’re well in front just now) but I did that last year see Pink  365 in 2009 Challenge. (That raised $500,000 and enabled the foundation to have 150 + Specialist Breast Cancer Nurses operating out in the community)(HERE is the link to this years event)

So I went out to snap some pimk (On the same day as I snapped the  trees near the water) Nearly ditched them, but it must be a fault in my vision as I like these too, I have tried to correct the blue but this is (to my mind) a couple of good pink Shots.

The first is a tropical Frangipani (No Smell) and the second an Umbrella Tree in flower, very topical considering the rain we have had.

Now for the important news, Simon was not able to defeat the now 15 Times World Darts Champion Phil (The Power) Taylor, and congratulations to him. For those interested I have included the comments by Simon and the Match statistics.

Whitlock said: “I’m just really proud of the way I played tonight. I think I pushed Phil on a few occasions during the course of the match.

“This tournament has changed my whole life. It’s allowed me to play the circuit full-time now and I want to be a contender in major events.”

Match Stats

Phil Taylor 7-3 Simon Whitlock
57 100+ 52
43 140+ 32
9 180s 11
34.79 Ave 1 33.50
104.38 Ave 3 100.51
170,167,161,131,122 High Finish 170,122,108
12 Legs Against Throw 7

21 Responses to “Pink (with a touch of blue klsbear LOL)”

  1. lijola said

    Really like the first photo (I actually have one of these plants in my yard). The second flower is so unique. I think you are right about the blue cast, but still great flowers.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    The blue is a nice touch in the first image….I like the way it affects the background w/ the soft pink coming out….not so sure about the second image…the blue leaves are a little overwhelming to me, but wow, those pink spikes are beautiful…hmmmm…where am I going to find pink in the snow???

    • danudin said

      Spill a bottle of Pink Champagne on the snow Tammy, Oh What Am I saying, I must be mad!
      Tammy I just enlarged the second image (The Umbrella Tree) and saw no Blue leaves, and although I took it it two days ago in overcsat conditions, nearly all the stuff that is in focus is about the clour that I saw it in the wild. I will wait for a sunny day reset WB to sunlight and go back and reshoot the tree can’t be sure the blooms will last, they may it is pretty wet.

      • Tammy McChesney said

        It could be the computer screen I am using Ron (my computer is still crashed and I am still using my son’s laptop – which is very old….oh how I want my computer back)! 🙂

    • Send a pelican with a spy-cam to catch Ron hanging out his pink knickers on the laundry line!

  3. Madelaine said

    I love how the sun highlights the lines in the leaves in the first photo and how they fan out from that beautiful pink flower. I never knew that umbrella plants bloomed! I’m glad you enjoyed following the World Darts Championship! I’ve been known to throw a few darts!!!

    • danudin said

      Biggest participant sport in the world, Did you give up playing when they banned drinking on TV like Eric Bristow did? LOL Love the game, I only play me in reality, my toughest opponent.

  4. It must be the laptop I’m using because I’m not seeing pink in the top shot – more of a violet, though the colors are lovely. I’ll have to check it out later on my desktop. I do like your compostion on both. Did you notice the similarity, with the spray of leaves in the first and the similar spray of blooms in the second? I like the depth of field in the first with the softer leaves and sky making a background for the single bloom. I confess though – I want to reach in and pull that single front leaf down about an inch to give that bloom just a little more breathing space! Oh – and sorry about the outcome of the dart game, but an accomplishment to be proud of anyway.

    • danudin said

      The spray was the reason I posted both, and hey Blokes don’t know from colours, I thought the variety with the white ones was too good to miss is all. Yes a Great accomplishment, but he will be hard on himself, as he was runner up last year in the opposition division of darts (THE BDO British Darts Organization) to the guy that came third this year in the PDC championship. Watch for the name though, Simon was stuck down here in Australia, where he only had limited real competition, being in Britain and Holland he will be forced to play against the best in the world EVERY WEEK, it will be the making of him and I think he will Thrive In the PDC. IMHO (that is humble don’t forget – it is Ron your talking to!)

  5. dragonfur said

    Great “pink” shots, Ron. I’ve never seen an umbrella tree before! Most interesting! How tall are they (when matured)? How tall was the one in your photo? (I didn’t know Frangipani had no smell–learn something new every day!)

    • danudin said

      That one was growing near a run-off creek, mixed sea and fresh water and was about twelve feet tall at the blooms but I have seen them bigger, they are called umbrella trees due to the leaves. BTW normal (White) frangipanis have a glorious sweet scent but the tropical Pink (or as Karen says Violet) ones don’t have any scent that I can detect, but I am old and used to smoke, so what would I know.

  6. ~Val said

    Lovely, bright, snow-free flowers! The little bit of blue cast on the top image gives a lovely violet color to the flower on my monitor (top photo). The lower image reminds me of fireworks!

  7. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    Lovely shots of pink! I like the second one, that’s really pretty with the spikes sticking up into the blue sky. And no you will not see me sliding down the banister! Forget it! Have a great day!


  8. Vicki said

    I love the contrast on the first shot and the crispness of the one leaf in the font of the shot!

  9. Ellen said

    I love the blooms on both of these, especially the umbrella tree. It does have purple fringing on the leaves on my monitor.

  10. Lorri said

    I love the pink with the blue sky behind, Ron. Probably because the dominating colors in our landscape right now are gray and white! Thanks for the glimpse of summer. Oh, and you’ll love to know that is was -1 when I went out a couple of mornings ago.

  11. morrdraken said

    Lovely pink photos you’ve got here! I really like the contrast in the first one. Here I think I have to throw my daughter in the snow to get some pink pictures outside. 😉

  12. Never seen an umbrella tree and obviously had no clue taht it could show such great flowers. Whwn enlarge it’s just fantastic. Have a new happy photoyear!!


  13. Edmund said

    Looks violet to me. But it doesn’t matter it looks good as is.

  14. pilgrim30 said

    Beautiful photos of beautiful plants, Ron. Really like both of them, but especially the umbrella one. I like the plants behind the flower as well. Busy, busy, busy!

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